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One-on-one with newest Texas baseball commit Kolby Kubichek

Kolby Kubichek (courtsey of Kubichek)
Kolby Kubichek (courtsey of Kubichek)

Last week, head baseball coach David Pierce continued the recruiting run he has been on since taking the job when he added 2018 RHP Kolby Kubichek out of Bryan. Kubichek, whose fall and summer league team is Twelve Baseball based out of College Station, touched base with IT to talk about what led him to leave Aggieland and head to Austin.

Inside Texas: First, congratulations on committing to Texas.

Kolby Kubichek: Thank you.

IT: Any flack yet since you’re in Bryan and are heading to Austin?

KK: Personally, I’ve loved Texas baseball. My dad has kind of been the same way. He loves Texas baseball. I didn’t have a problem with it and my dad didn’t have a problem with it. My mom’s side of the family, everybody over there has graduated from A&M. They all stood behind me and told me they’ll be behind me wherever I choose. The only thing my mom told me is that she’ll never wear burnt orange. She’ll wear black and grey, but not all burnt orange. I thought that was pretty funny.

IT: I guess you’ve got to make compromises somewhere.

KK: I know, I know.

IT: It sounds like you were familiar with both coaching staffs. What were some major differences in talking to coach Garrido’s staff and talking to coach Pierce’s staff?

KK: I never really got to talk to coach Augie. From what I’ve heard, they were a great coaching staff. I’m friend with Ty Culbreth, who played under Skip Johnson and Augie. He shared with me information on how they helped him and how it was a good coaching staff. Everything, from sitting down with coach Pierce and coach Allen and all them and coach Miller, I really like where they’re headed, where they’re trying to take the program, where they came from, and the developmental side of things. Also, just talking to other people and listening to what they have to say about this coaching staff, it seems like they’re the real deal.

IT: What about coach Pierce sets him apart?

KK: On the pitching side of things, he knows what he’s talking about. He can break you down in any way possible. He’s really good with pitchers. Coming from my standpoint where I’m going there to pitch, he has a real good pitching back ground. Just from watching what they had at Tulane, they didn’t have the studs. They had really good ball players but they didn’t have the studs. Basically, he built a really good program at Tulane just because they’re really good on the developmental side. I just saw that, and after reading about Tulane and their program, and how he went to SHSU and did the same thing there, I bought into it and I think it’s going to help me in the long run.

IT: What are some of the other schools that were recruiting you?

KK: I had offers from Texas Tech, LSU, TCU, a few other Big 12 schools. Going into it, my final three were Texas, LSU, and TCU. LSU is absolutely phenomenal. It’s beautiful. It just didn’t feel right in my heart. TCU, a beautiful campus and beautiful place, a great coaching staff. They’ve had remarkable years in the past. Texas hit me in the heart. I follow my heart and that’s where it tells me to go.

IT: School aside, let’s talk about your game. You’re going to Texas to pitch. What do you have in your arsenal?

KK: I have a four seam, a two seam, a slider, a curve ball, and a good change up. I try to mix it up and get ahead with my fastball. I come back with off-speed or something like that. I try to locate and set everything up off my fastball. Change up and two seam, I get a lot of ground balls off of. I get out there and compete whenever I get on the mound. I find the pitch that’s working and I go to work with it.

IT: Does it help that Texas has 400 to center and 380 to the alleys?

KK: Having a big ballpark is a big advantage. I like to call it a pitcher’s ballpark. It’s pretty awesome knowing that it’s going to be hard to turn one around. You’re going to have to miss your spot pretty bad.

IT: What do you plan on studying when you get to Texas?

KK: I’ve had a few ideas. I’ve been thinking something along the lines of business or construction science, but I’ve also had thoughts about going into the medical field.

IT: Thanks Kolby

KK: No problem.