Pick ‘Em Contest: And the winner is…

Congrats to the Inside Texas 2008 Pick ‘Em Contest Grand Prize winner and runner up, plus the Texas A&M game winners! Click to find out if you won two roundtrip tickets on Southwest Airlines or a Longhorn helmet autographed by Earl Campbell courtesy of Triton Financial in the season-long contest, or a final weekly prize from Russell Korman, Third Base, Doc’s Motorworks, etc.
And the Grand Prize winner is… jjleal! As the Grand Prize winner, jjleal has the option of picking among the two grand prizes — two roundtrip tickets on Southwest Airlines or a Longhorn helmet autographed by Earl Campbell courtesy of Triton Financial.

Congrats also to the 2008 Pick ‘Em Contest runner-up Denali100! As the runner-up, Denali100 will receive the prize remaining after jjleal makes his choice! And finally, congrats to our final weekly winners crossman21@[domain withheld], gonzy, etexhorn, BigLeonard (all picked Texas 48, Texas A&M 10).

See below for the final season standings, plus a complete list of weekly winners. (NOTE TO PREVIOUS WINNERS: If you have yet to receive your prize, know that some prizes have gone out over the last couple of weeks, and the rest will be sent out shortly.)

Thanks to all who participated!

Final season standings (reflects each participant’s best eight picks of 12 games): 1. jjleal* (7.125)2. Denali100* (7.75)3t. djbfootball* (8.25)3t. BigLeonard* (8.25)5t. brown* (8.375)5t. bevorebel* (8.375) 7t. UTCoppell* (8.5)7t. chisos* (8.5)9. Bayou City Horn* (8.75)10. etexhorn* (9.25)11t. chrispfluger@msn.com (9.375)11t. jphookem* (9.375)13. geebs* (9.5)14. mkw.rlw@sbcglobal.net (9.75)15t. sbeverly* (9.875)15t. crossman21@[domain withheld] (9.875)15t. UTWIS* (9.875)15t. Splatters (9.875)19. arizhorna* (10)20t. Procyon* (10.125)20t. cbewley@arthurmarshall.com (10.125)22t. TENHORN* (10.25)22t. swa87* (10.25)24t. christopher.buck@brooklaw.edu (10.375)24t. DC Horn* (10.375)26t. austex (10.5)26t. trnye (10.5)28. hornfaninnm* (10.625)29t. UTBear* (10.75)29t. claytonkeown* (10.75)29t. ls6ssman@[domain withheld] (10.75)32t. ChadUT* (10.875)32t. dlnolan_3@[domain withheld] (10.875) 32t. kevin.longmire@[domain withheld] (10.875)35t. bpalosi* (11)35t. Hump34* (11)35t. bevobrand* (11)35t. Stantonb* (11)35t. okcfirebevo (11)40t. derekbaseball_3best@[domain withheld] (11.125)40t. mjeffus* (11.125)40t. pbingham@[domain withheld] (11.125)43. UTGrad91* (11.375)44t. jeff.kinkade@yahoo.com (11.5)44t. txex71* (11.5)44t. jroth* (11.5)47t. cesolrac* (11.625)47t. CalHorn* (11.625)47t. wethornz* (11.625)

*Inside Texas subscriber

Texas A&M game winners: crossman21@[domain withheld], gonzy, etexhorn, BigLeonard (picked Texas 48, Texas A&M 10) Kansas game winner: mljeffus (picked Texas 35, Kansas 14) Baylor game winner: Horn60 (picked Texas 45, Baylor 20) Texas Tech game winner: fogar Oklahoma State game winner: swa87 Missouri game winner: champ6369 Oklahoma game winners: tdb02d, trnye Colorado game winners: kennethknjn@[domain withheld], bevobrand Arkansas game winners: leonhobbs, castillo5325, claytonkeown, chisos, mailindsey Rice game winners: 40acres4ever, UTGrad91, longhorn1413@[domain withheld], TayWalk, castillo5325, DaveinTexas, c5144, FlHorn UTEP game winner: Bayou City Horn Florida Atlantic game winners: RobertMCooks, tmillinr, ariasjhon21@[domain withheld], Splatters, and djbfootballQuestions? Send to insidetx@realtime.net.