POLL: How valuable are titles and achievements from the 2020 college football season?

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The word “asterisk” gets tossed out at the first sign of any deviation from the norm in the sports world.

The most famous case of asterisk advocacy is for Roger Maris’ pursuit of Babe Ruth’s single-season home run record in 1961. “He has 162 games to do what the Babe did in 154!” some sportswriter, somewhere yelled loudly at his typewriter.

Other leagues have discussed what a title from corona-season would mean. With the NBA, some wondered if the bubble would detract from the excitement of the NBA playoffs.

“People have been saying, whoever wins, it’s going to have a blip [asterisk] next to it. I personally believe it’s the complete opposite,” Rockets guard Austin Rivers said. “Whoever wins this year really had to go get it and earn it, and had guys who took time off seriously and still stayed in shape, and was able to get back the chemistry, true chemistry. So many things. In my eyes, whoever wins this, it’s going to be the hardest championship ever won.”

Similar questions were asked of the MLB’s 60-game season, but now that the NBA Playoffs are in the conference semi-finals and the postseason is approaching for the MLB, it’s time for college football to face these questions.

To be fair, the question is more relative to a college football season missing two Power 5 conferences and several Group of 5 teams. Those other sports leagues don’t have several championship contenders sidelined for the 2020 regular season.

So the teams playing are getting those questions, and Tom Herman was asked that question Monday. Texas has Big 12 title aspirations in 2020, and according to Herman, the value of hardware from this season shouldn’t be diminished by an asterisk.

“I think we certainly understand the gravity of this season and the challenges that are laid out in front of us,” Herman said. “We do know that if you come away from this crazy season that is 2020 with a championship under your belt, you’ve done something truly remarkable.”

It’s a contentious topic, but where do you stand on the value of titles and championships emanating from the 2020 season?

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