IT Pressbox: Week 9 (Kansas State)

UT vs K-State at DKR. (Will Gallagher/IT)
UT vs K-State at DKR. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Texas travels to the Little Apple; Manhattan, KS, for its tilt with Big 12 rival Kansas State. The staff at Inside Texas predicts the score, Tyrone Swoopes moments, and our upset of the week.


1) Texas vs Kansas State score:

Eric Nahlin – Kansas State 27, Texas 24.
Justin Wells – Texas 27, KSU 17.
Jesus Shuttlesworth – Texas 31, KSU 30.
Ian Boyd – KSU 31, Texas 20.
Bill Frisbie – Texas 30, KSU 27. K-State is the least-penalized team in America and usually posts W’s by allowing foes to do what Texas does best: beat it self. Texas has not won in Manhattan since 2002 and has an, overall, losing record against KSU. Trends are bunk, DKR once said, because “angry men win football games.” The defensive meltdown Saturday was stunning, but I look for a bounce-back game from Vance Bedford’s bunch. I look for the offense to continue to surge. Texas is a double-digit ‘dog, but my gut tells me Charlie Strong gets his signature win. Call it a hunch.
Mike Blackwell – KSU 28, UT 17.
Michael Pearle – Kansas State 31, Texas 24. Maybe Texas will finally get all three phases of the game right Saturday night and pull off the upset. But it seems like a tall order for this team, which is getting better and more confident weekly, but which has still not played a complete game. It will be asking a lot of them to put it all together against Bill Snyder’s Wildcats on the road.
Clendon Ross – Kansas State 33, Texas 16. Don’t know exactly why, but I just get a sense that this is a regression game for the Horns.

2) How many total yards/TDs will Swoopes have:

Eric Nahlin – 310 yards, 2 TDs
Justin Wells – 275 (250 pass, 25 rush), 3 TDs
Jesus Shuttlesworth – 350 yards, 3 TDs
Ian Boyd – 300 yards, 2 TDs
Bill Frisbie – Approximately 250 through the air and another 50 on the ground. Swoopes will account for two TDs.
Mike Blackwell – 280 yards, 2 TDs
Michael Pearle – 285 total yards, 2 TDs: one throwing and one rushing.
Clendon Ross – And it’s a regression game for the Horns because this will be a tough one for Swoopes (220 combined yards, 1 TD).

3) Which WR goes for 100 yards in this game; John Harris (Texas) or Tyler Lockett (KSU)?

Eric Nahlin – Harris.
Justin Wells – Neither, but Marcus Johnson (UT) goes for 130, Curry Sexton (KSU) nets 115.
Jesus Shuttlesworth – Both.
Ian Boyd – Neither.
Bill Frisbie – Hard to bet against Lockett given the issues Texas has had at safety.
Mike Blackwell – Lockett.
Michael Pearle – Both.
Clendon Ross – Lockett.

4) Will the Texas defense get back to form and contain KSU QB Jake Waters?

Eric Nahlin – Not enough to win.
Justin Wells – Yes, and will force him into three turnovers.
Jesus Shuttlesworth – UT will turn him over.
Ian Boyd – Somewhat.
Bill Frisbie – I am counting on it.
Mike Blackwell – Sort of, but not enough to win.
Michael Pearle – They will contain him better than they did Sam Richardson, but Waters will make enough plays to notch the W.
Clendon Ross – The defense will be better than last week, but not good enough against a team that (as Ian pointed out in his How to Upset K-State piece earlier this week) will attack all of the UT D’s weaknesses.

5) Upset of the Week:

Eric Nahlin – Washington over ASU.
Justin Wells – Bye over Texas A&M in a close one.
Jesus Shuttlesworth – Texas over K-State.
Ian Boyd – Oklahoma State over West Virginia.
Bill Frisbie – Texas over K-State. There. I said it.
Mike Blackwell – California over Oregon.
Michael Pearle – LSU over Ole Miss.
Clendon Ross – Not really an upset given that WVU is barely ranked and on the road, but I think Okie State wins this one handily.