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Raulerson’s “Dream Team”

With all the excitement surrounding the current state of Longhorn recruiting I thought it was time to catch up with class of 2013 patriarch Jake Raulerson. As usual the Team Captain in Waiting had some insightful thoughts for me to pass along on his surgery, his future position and his work to recruit even more quality athletes for 2013.
There’s been lots of speculation regarding what position he’ll play and where we sit with some of the current prospects he’s been diligently recruiting so I decided to go straight to the source.

Eric Nahlin: The big news with you of late was your deviated septum surgery. How’d that go? Also, I’ve heard it’s going to help you gain weight, how so?

Jake Raulerson: When you’re deep in sleep or “dream sleep” you release growth hormone. I’ve never really been a sound sleeper and the doctors said I’ll be able to sleep great now. So now I should be able to gain good weight. The surgery went great but it sucked for two weeks with no solid food but I feel great now!

Eric Nahlin: Nice, that’s great to hear. What do you think of the class so far? What about Darius committing? What do you think of our chances with Durham Smythe? A lot of people are worried about Stanford.

Jake Raulerson: It’s the dream team and some of the nation’s best! DJ committing was huge. Having been in the same situation as Smythe, I like our chances. Everything pointed to Texas even though everything was so amazing about Stanford.

Eric Nahlin: I agree on Stanford, great school and situation, but it’s not Texas. What position do you think you’ll play, or is that still open?

Jake Raulerson: I think I’ll start at defensive end and move from there as I get bigger. I might play some tight end, but I’m not sure.

Eric Nahlin: Speaking of tight ends, your buddy Christian Morgan is enjoying his trip to Miami. It looks like Michigan is also showing heavy interest. I have no idea why Texas didn’t pursue him. I think he and Smythe would make a wonderful tandem if Ricky Seals-Jones stays at wide receiver.

Jake Raulerson: I don’t get it either, I bet he would have loved to be a Longhorn.

Eric Nahlin: Somebody is definitely going to get a good player. Of course Smythe is an animal out there too. He’s so natural.

Jake Raulerson: I think he’s soon to come!

Eric Nahlin: What about any out of state prospects you may be recruiting? Are there any developments on that front?

Jake Raulerson: No, I’m not really sure on any out of state guys with numbers so tight right now.

Eric Nahlin: Well man, thanks for your time. Keep doing your thing.

Jake Raulerson: No problem! Thank you.