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Recruiting Matters: The Roster Sweet Spot

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Outside of relationships, unless a player commits to an NFL factory like Alabama, early playing time is probably the biggest factor in a recruit’s decision.

Winning is of course important, but for now Steve Sarkisian is receiving the benefit of his extremely successful tenure at Alabama and the new car smell at Texas until games are played. Winning will be more important come October.

When it comes to relationship building, the staff is doing about as well as can be expected. Only so much can be accomplished given the lack of in-person contact. June will be massive in that department.

Since games haven’t been played and relationships are hard to cement, we’re left to analyze playing time. In this regard, Sarkisian finds himself in the favorable position of having a team he can win with, but also an inviting roster that offers early playing time to the types of recruits he and his staff are targeting.

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