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Recruiting Matters: Yes, Maybe or No

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Keeping up with recruiting in the month of June feels like running a 100m dash over and over, day after day.

Now with the finish line (dead period June 28) in sight, the Texas staff is in position to win some recruitments in the month of July, which should be a commitment fest for the class of 2022.

Today, Inside Texas is going to once again play the recruiting game of Yes, Maybe, or No as recruitments currently stand with a number of changes that are positive moves for the Longhorns since June 9.

Yes – Texas has a good shot to win the recruitment. Doesn’t mean the leader of every recruitment currently, but a good shot.

Maybe – Texas has a chance to win the recruitment. Could be a slight lead that is seen as potential to slip, or coming from behind and having a shot to win.

No – Texas is making an effort, but is seen as a long shot.

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