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Recruiting SOC: Post-Junior Day

Anthony Hines at UT Junior Day. (Justin Wells/IT)
Anthony Hines at UT Junior Day. (Justin Wells/IT)

How about a little noggin’ bloggin’, huh folks?

Junior Day came and went. It’s custom to deem these things a success no matter happens on them, but really it’s hard for one to go bad. This was easily the most well run Junior Day Texas has had since Charlie Strong’s arrival. Taking recruits to the basketball game was a very nice touch, the team pulling off the upset win over hated Oklahoma was even nicer.

Going into Saturday I didn’t expect tons of excitement or reasons to celebrate. Gone are the days where this is recruitnik Mardi Gras, and that should be perfectly fine, because NSD is all that matters. As we’ve witnessed, Strong has turned NSD into Mardi Gras embedded in Carnival wrapped in Christmas.

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