Rice Pick ‘Em Results, Season Standings

Congrats to the Rice game Pick ‘Em Contest winner! Click to find out if you won a weekly prize from Third Base, Doc’s Motorworks, Cuatro’s or Grey Rock Golf Club and for your chance to get in on this week’s BYU game contest, plus see the season standings for the Grand Prize!
Rice game winner: tigers_cowboys@[redacted] (picked Texas 34, Rice 9) Make your pick for the BYU game! (Deadline, Saturday, Sept. 10, 6 p.m. Central)

Top 50 standings for the Grand Prize (through 1 game; average score differential in parens; note that per contest rules, you must participate in at least eight weekly contests and pick the Baylor game to be eligible for the Grand Prize): 1. tigers_cowboys@[redacted] (0)2t. FlHorn (1)2t. golfer52 (1)2t. Texian77* (1)5t. fredakers (2)5t. TayWalk* (2)5t. rgarza@[redacted] (2)5t. wildcat2343 (2)5t. jarfroc24* (2)5t. rgreen_ses_org@[redacted] (2)5t. gmckay60 (2)5t. jason.biffle@[redacted] (2)5t. texhorns@[redacted] (2)5t. goarmyscott@[redacted] (2)5t. Bill in Sinton* (2)5t. jmead311 (2)5t. Grippe* (2)18t. Veeks!* (3)18t. bill.rubinsky@[redacted] (3)18t. bburgower (3)21t. mjohn713* (4)21t. butchv35 (4)21t. Duke Silver* (4)21t. crossman21@[redacted] (4)21t. UTBear* (4)26t. maninblack* (5)26t. ksmith220@[redacted] (5)26t. stuart* (5)26t. kpownall@[redacted] (5)26t. billieboy_2002@[redacted] (5)26t. bigrick625 (5)26t. aakeys (5)26t. danaacurtis@[redacted] (5)26t. deano39* (5)35t. horn83* (6)35t. txex2x (6)35t. texascrush* (6)35t. popel* (6)35t. hopefulhorn* (6)35t. wayner101* (6)35t. matthorn* (6)35t. Scott Plowman* (6)43t. hawkshookem* (7)43t. kikinpeg@[redacted] (7)43t. robertwyatt@[redacted] (7)43t. toms@[redacted] (7)43t. cmcrnc@[redacted] (7)43t. Joe Neal (7)43t. Memphis Horn* (7)43t. thenapes* (7)43t. JustaHornsfan* (7)

*InsideTexas.com subscriber

Make your pick for the BYU game! (Deadline, Saturday, Sept. 10, 6 p.m. Central)

Contest details: each week of the season (through the Baylor game), you’ll pick the score in that week’s Texas game. The entrant whose pick is closest to the actual game score will win one of our weekly prizes from among our Pick ‘Em Contest sponsors (Third Base, Doc’s, Cuatro’s, Grey Rock Golf Club, others). At the end of the year, the participant with the lowest average score differential will win the Grand Prize!# #Only those entrants who participate for at least eight of the season’s 12 weeks, and who participate in the Baylor week contest, will be eligible for the Grand Prize. Must supply a valid email address to participate. One weekly entry per email address. In the event of a tie in the weekly contest, the person closest to the Texas score wins. If the tie remains after the first tie-breaker, the person closest in the weekly tie-breaker wins. A tie in the Grand Prize contest is settled with a coin flip(s) to see who receives the Grand Prize. The Grand Prize is TBD but in past Grand Prizes have included a Playstation 3, a free roundtrip on Southwest Airlines, and an autographed Earl Campbell helmet. Questions? Send to insidetx@realtime.net.