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Roach picks Texas

Kerwin Roach. (courtesy of Galena Park ISD)
Kerwin Roach. (courtesy of Galena Park ISD)

As expected, top 100 guard Kerwin Roach Jr. from Galena Park North Shore has committed to the Longhorns this morning at an announcement held at his school.

Roach saw his stock take off after a terrific July evaluation period through AAU tournaments (this was after a similarly sharp jump up after leading North Shore to the 5A state title in March).

While he’s a combo guard, Roach is, indeed, being targeted as a point guard for Texas’ system. They know he has the body control and athleticism to play that spot as a legit 6-foot-3 jumping jack and they are counting on his ability to create offense on the move and in whatever half court offense we run with him.

For those reasons, he should be an excellent fit with Taylor (if he returns) and a good fit with Yancy, Croaker, Davis, and Holland as they can all handle the ball for stretches.

As a scorer, he’s a progressing shooter with solid fundamentals and excellent feet/hip/shoulder ability to square. Obviously athleticism is a plus for him in transition and as a finisher (he’s the reigning triple jump state champion). He’ll be a terrific piece with Texas’ ability to move from defense to offense.

Defensively, he’s got a ways to go because he’s so thin, but the only thing keeping him from being a high level guy will be how quickly he develops. He certainly has the physicality.

Don’t be surprised to see Kerwin jump up into the Top 50 (maybe Top 35-ish) range in recruiting with a big year because of how well he translates to the college game (and Coach Barnes’ system in particular).

As far as a comparison, he may well be a Holland type of player except a better shooter/ball handler/playmaker.

Otherwise, for an NBA example, maybe a Jordan Crawford, Ramon Sessions, or Damien Lillard.

I don’t know that I can say enough how impressed I am with this staff, and especially since Lanier came on board.

Consider this…

Isaiah Taylor: Texas offered when he was a virtual unknown as an unranked 3-star (is arguably a Top 10 point guard in the country as a sophomore)
Damarcus Croaker: Texas offered as a Top 140 guard (ended up as a top 80 recruit)
Martez Walker: Texas offered as an unranked 3-star (ended the season as arguably the best wing on Texas’ roster and four straight double-digit games before being dismissed from the program)
Jordan Barnett: Texas offered as a Top 90 type player and he ended up as a top 50 recruit
Myles Turner: Texas offered as a Top 70 type player and he ended up as a consensus Top 10 recruit

And, now,

Kerwin Roach: Texas offered as an unranked player and he will almost for sure end up in the top 50 in the country

That’s not being credited with great recruiting because “we’re Texas.” That’s not a question of jumping on the bandwagon. That’s a question of legitimately being one of, if not the, first programs in on a kid.

That’s a perfect example of a staff that is worth the money it makes.

Exciting time for Texas fans and a great day for Roach Jr.