Roster outlook including new arrivals (offense)

Bru McCoy (Will Gallagher/IT)
Bru McCoy (Will Gallagher/IT)

We haven’t discussed much team of late for obvious reasons but there’s always a bit of excitement as the new signees make their way to campus. This affords us a good time to look at the 2019 team in full.

While most of the departures occurred on the defensive side of the ball, perhaps the one that affects the team more than any other occurred when Lil’Jordan Humphrey left early for the NFL. His play, along with that of junior-to-be quarterback Sam Ehlinger, provided the offense with identity and reliable play. The identity — hard-nosed, fight for every yard and first down — will likely remain, but new playmakers must emerge within a scheme tailored to new strengths.

With the benefit of our inside information Ian Boyd will continue to do a number on elaborating the scheme but I’d like to offer some thoughts on personnel.

In short, the main thing the offensive roster is lacking is experience, though not options, when it comes to elite game-breakers and a proven tight end. Because of the amount of proven, reliable players across the board, we’ll likely be spared many of the freshman mistakes you’d see if players were forced into action prematurely. Long gone are the days when a true freshman center is snapping to a true freshman quarterback in a brand new offense. Gone too are the days of a sophomore center snapping to a true freshman quarterback in a brand new offense.

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