Sam Ehlinger is still mulling his options

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Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger surprised some on Wednesday when he said he has not made a final decision on whether he will declare for the NFL draft or return to Texas in 2021 using an extra year of eligibility.

Those words run counter to recent program actions, and even actions taken by Ehlinger himself. Like this…

and this

and this

This all seems to indicate the upcoming Alamo Bowl will be his final in burnt orange, but Ehlinger, who is second in every major passing category in school history, has not confirmed that to be the case.

Ehlinger is one of a handful of high-profile players in college football who could use the extra year of eligibility provided to student-athletes by the NCAA in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rather than depart for the NFL Draft, where Ehlinger may be selected in the late rounds, he could stick around for one more season.

“I think it’s because no senior has really been in this position to where they’ve been granted an extra year of eligibility,” Ehlinger said Wednesday. “Also, just because both options are incredible options, it’s not like there’s one clear-cut what’s best for you and what’s best for the rest of my life.”

“There’s positives to each,” Ehlinger continued. “It’s a very unique situation, but I’m just blessed to be in a situation where there’s two really positive events that could occur.”

It’s a decision Ehlinger said he will mull over with his family and those close to him after the bowl game.

“I’ve always just said I want to focus on this season,” Ehlinger said. “If I don’t handle business this season, then what we’re talking about doesn’t even matter. It’s always been I want to focus on the task at hand, focus on winning for my team because if my mind is somewhere else, then I’m not giving my team everything that I have.”