Scipio Tex: 2020 Gaskamp Award Candidates

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The Gaskamp Award is the most prestigious award in the world. Nearly everyone in my family agrees. As do many of my friends. Often with slightly unnerved smiles when I begin yelling about how important it is, often while pacing, cuddling the trophy in my hands and brandishing it excitedly.

The Oscars are for idiot narcissists who pretend to be brave or interesting for a living, the Fields Medal for Mathematics is for NERDZ and mathematics have no real world application, and the Nobel Prize has never been awarded to The Rock or any member of Led Zeppelin, so how good is it really?

Granted, the AVN awards are quite prestigious, but they are no Gaskamp.

What is the Gaskamp Award? Hilarious. As if you didn’t know. But I’ll tell you. Please note the instructive premise:

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