Scipio Tex: Kansas Postmortem – Offense

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The Texas offense shook off two turnovers and a cold streak in the 3rd quarter and the staff pressing on two first half 4th down attempts to rescue multiple possessions on 3rd and long (Texas was 9 of 14 on 3rd down conversions and amassed an amazing 33 first downs) and destroy an outmatched Kansas defense late to power Texas to the 50-48 win.

The Horns accounted for 638 yards of offense at 7.5 yards per play. Ultimately, that offensive output, terrific 4th quarter play (24 offensive points, the game winning drive at 1:11) and KU’s failures on special teams drove the Longhorns to the win.

Obviously, any time Texas squeaks by in a game where we are 21.5 point favorites and the opponent has a L to Coastal Carolina isn’t a good thing, but it’s important to consider that any issues we had with the offense tonight are largely because it’s the primary unit thoughtful Texas football fans still have any expectations for.

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