Scipio Tex: Kansas State Postmortem – offense

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The Longhorns showed much more diversity in the running game and a newfound commitment to moving wide receivers around hunting match-ups married to a real commitment to the RPO game and various forms of play action (RPOs aplenty, a good flea flicker call). The result was the best running effort of the season (5.9 yards per carry, including sack yardage) and some wide open looks in the passing game. As I wrote in my preview, KSU’s defense is incredibly deceptive in that they can be gashed pretty easily for big plays, but play well situationally and KSU’s overall tactic to manage game clock and possessions pumps them up artificially. Texas didn’t fall into OU/TCU offensive play-calling lethargy for long spells and converted 41.7% on money downs. While that’s not great, it nearly doubled what KSU had allowed to date. The more encouraging thing is that the offensive staff did some tendency scouting and hit the Wildcats hard on some play calls that were pretty clearly targeted to their cheats on their scout of our offense.

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