Scipio Tex: Oklahoma State Postmortem – Defense & Special Teams

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Todd Orlando came in with a winning game plan.

This was the two deep shell we’ve written about and it largely emulated some of the key aspects of our successful 2017 defensive game plan against OSU: layered pass defense (and a doubled primary receiver) to stop single shot big plays, stopping the run with a light box, minimal blitzing. Orlando abandoned the pressure-above-all mentality, minimized orchestrated calls for the positions who need to read and react, doubled Wallace irrespective of alignment, and dared Oklahoma State to beat Texas with Chuba Hubbard, Spencer Sanders’ legs, and secondary Cowboy receivers. OSU did pretty well compensating for the Wallace double team given their inexperience at QB and very average secondary receivers, but they also turned it over twice, only converted 3 touchdowns out of six red zone trips, and had an obvious ceiling put on their offense deprived of Wallace’s downfield playmaking. And yeah, Spencer Sanders is going to be a huge pain in the ass for the next three years when he actually learns what he’s doing.

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