Scipio Tex: Oklahoma State Postmortem – Offense

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POSTMORTEM: Defense and Special Teams

The Texas offense racked up 503 yards of offense on only 69 plays (7.3 yards per play), but two late game kneel downs ticked the Horns back just below the 500 yard mark.

Texas dominated at the line of scrimmage (the Texas OL surrendered no sacks, only two quarterback pocket touches, and three negative runs) while paving the way for 217 yards rushing at 5 yards per carry. Sam Ehlinger was a hyper-efficient 20 of 28 for 281 yards and 4 touchdowns with another 70 yards rushing on 10 carries. Texas alternated between ball control domination (14 of the first 16 plays were runs – including three Ehlinger scrambles logged as runs) and big plays (Ehlinger to Eagles for a quick 73 yard touchdown).

The only thing that really kept 40+ off of the board was a pair of really poor money down calls. The first was a Johnson run into a zero blitz on the OSU 29 yard line in the 2nd quarter on 4th and 3 with Texas up 14-6. I know some people wanted the Dicker kick there. That would be fine. I would just prefer a smarter play call. The second uninspired call was an Ehlinger QB draw on 3rd and 1 at the OSU 38 in the 4th quarter…into a zero blitz. Those are both check-with-me at the line situations where you look at the D and then take the passing game candy.

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