Scipio Tex: Rice Postmortem – Offense

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The Longhorns came out firing against an overmatched Rice defense, scoring touchdowns on their first four possessions on drives of 82, 90, 73 and 79 yards, respectively. When your first four drives yield >300 yards of offense and 28 on the scoreboard, the game is going to go a certain way if the Texas D shows up. The first drive really told the tale, as Texas converted three 3rd down situations on their way to the score, proving that even if Rice could inflict negative plays in the running game with shifting fronts and overloads (and Texas did a poor job getting out of a couple of bad runs early), the Longhorns could still convert based on Sam Ehlinger’s play, OL pass blocking and better skill athletes.

Sam Ehlinger set the tone early with an uncharacteristic sizzlingly hot start. He was 9 of his first 10 passes for 157 yards and two touchdowns and the running backs also flourished after a relatively slow start.

The 48-13 score didn’t fully reflect Texas dominance (the coaches called off the wolves pretty early) and it was a terrific opportunity to develop depth and build even more fluency in what is becoming the most efficient Texas passing game since 2008.

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