Scipio Tex: TCU Postmortem – Offense

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The Longhorn offense was certainly explosive early on. First, on TCU’s defense (Texas had over 275 yards total at halftime as Sam threw for 211).

Then, increasingly, on itself. With no back up underwear.

The Longhorn passing game had four turnovers – two I’d put mainly on Texas receivers, two on the QB – and a good, if sloppy, first half was frittered away by a second half performance that made keeping up with TCU’s own deep passing explosion impossible.

I could write several paragraphs about what I saw and what shifted as TCU made some personnel changes (Patterson benched a couple of dudes) and Patterson reinforced a few scheme adjustments on defense, but these observations are best summated as: Texas has a basic offense and Gary Patterson solved it once he got his secondary defenders to do what he wanted.

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