Scipio Tex: West Virginia Postmortem – Offense

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Collectively, the first effort of the year that resembled some of the lowlights of last year’s offense: a second half descent into why-is-everything-is-so-hard grind, way too many 3rd and longs, overall poor play (penalties, Ehlinger’s bad INT, bad routes, a couple of OL defeats) in the 3rd quarter, and some struggles with Mountaineer defensive adjustments out of halftime.

Fortunately, even when this year’s offense deteriorates, the floor and ceiling are a lot higher than any other Herman Longhorn offense. For the game, Texas totaled 427 total yards (211 passing, 216 rushing) but it took 82 plays at 5.2 yards per snap to get there.

About that 3rd quarter. The third quarter was hard enough to view in real time, but really hard on re-watch. After scoring on the last two possessions of the 1st half (2 crisp touchdowns drives of 69 and 80 yards, respectively), Texas started the 3rd quarter with the ball, the lead, and the opportunity to assert itself. Right where you want to be on the road having just stifled moonshine momentum. Time to create separation, feast on Kendall mistakes, and cruise to the blowout road win.

Ah, not so much.

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