Scipio Tex’s 2019 Overview: Breaking Down the Big 12 Defenses

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A nice thing about the Big 12 is that round robin schedules allow nearly apples to apples comparisons (a team can’t play its own offense) of the various Big 12 teams.

In evaluating the 2019 Big 12 defenses, I looked at raw and advanced statistics, overemphasize Big 12 play (apples to apples), factor in pace, play style, subjective understanding (garbage points, opponent injuries, game context) and my lyin’ eyes.

It’s important to understand that outside of the top defense in the league (Baylor) and the dregs (KU, Texas, Texas Tech), the wide middle of the league was thinly separated within their groups and week-to-week match-ups against their scheme and personnel strengths best predicted output. Put more plainly, you gotta coach every week.

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