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Scoop Q&A – 10/28/19

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In the last week we’ve written a lot of stuff detailing where things are behind the scenes. Saturday shouldn’t have been a big surprise, though it’s no less disappointing.

It’s frustrating to see the offense look this average. It was frustrating to see Orlando ruin a pretty solid performance with the same old blitzes. Up to that point it was clear to me and others that most of the issues on defense were execution. That should not have been a loss.

If things weren’t that great last week, they certainly wouldn’t be better this week. There isn’t a whole lot more to state that hasn’t been written. If you’re looking for us to bare all, that isn’t going to happen for what should be obvious reasons.

We’ll add responses that are worth your time to read in the main op. If you don’t have to time to keep up, please circle back.

Fire away, with questions that is.

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