Should Mack Brown Alter His Recruiting Philosophy

After permanently altering high school recruiting by expediting the process with his extremely successful junior days is Mack Brown now behind the curve?

I was lightly maligned a couple of weeks ago by a couple of valued posters (read: intelligent) who felt that discussing the class of 2014 in March 2012 was premature. On its face, I would agree with that. There’s a lot of time between now and the National Signing Day that signifies that class’ closure.

But that doesn’t change the fact that offers are going out rather quickly to a number of 2014 elites or the fact that teams that offer early typically hold an advantage to those that offer later.

While extremely early offers are more prevalent in the rabid ‘coon infested forests of the SEC (Vanderbilt offered class of ’14 and ’15 teammates yesterday) the trend is migrating westward in some sort of recruiting manifest destiny. Basically it’s the way of things and whether you like it or not matters little.

In all honesty I’m not a fan of discussing this age group but when in state and conference rivals start extending offers it affects Texas. I’m not so naïve to think that Texas can’t overcome the perceived slight of being late to the party by simply being Texas, but why put itself in a position to make up ground?

I’m also not promoting Texas carpet bombing camps and combines with Longhorn LOI’s dropped from the Bevola Gay.

What I am promoting is Texas offering a select few of can’t miss types at their June camp for rising juniors. I would also let the guys that are borderline offers for that camp know that they have the staff’s full attention and are very likely to receive February offers.

We’ve seen this done to a degree, but I’d like to see it done more transparently to curb negative recruiting. At times there has been poor communication between the staff and prospects and there’s no room for that, especially coming from coaches whose job it is to communicate to teenagers.

We wrote months ago that Marcell Harris was given word that he had an offer to play for Texas and Jake Raulerson was given the ‘wink wink’ offer while being sized for his T-ring.

Do away with that and offer outright and openly. Those are the types of players I’m suggesting get offered this June and every June to follow.

Enough of the company line that “it’s respectful to give the current players in the cycle their spotlight.”

This is Texas football and recruiting, there’s plenty of spotlight to go around. So much spotlight in fact that if our competitors would like to close up shop I’d love to benefit from that vacuum. Just sayin’.

Again I’m not advocating the staff offering ten guys by June. That would be a great disservice to the evaluation process. They should however offer guys that appear to have five star potential, and yes, often times you can delineate the class’ super blues early.

If you don’t believe that last part, go watch Hoza Scott’s highlights and tell me why UT should wait until February to offer. What, you don’t like Corey Redding? When finished with his highlights, watch Nick Harvey’s.

Thoughts; let me have them.