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Six Days and Counting – UT’s C/O 2019 update

Trey Sanders (Joe Cook/IT)
Trey Sanders (Joe Cook/IT)

We’re roughly around 144 hours away from National Signing Day, a damn holiday in my home. Like Eric Nahlin mentioned the other day, splitting the signing day over two periods (late Dec & early Feb) takes away a little of the anxious excitement.

But when that first fax comes in next Wednesday morning, it’ll be cathartic. When recruiting classes begin to come to a conclusion, it’s almost like starting a new year, a cleansing of sorts.

When 2019’s cycle is complete, we’ll jump into 2020 with a renewed vigor, the beginning of something new. It not only applies in college sports, but life. The highs and lows of 2018 will be exchanged with the anticipation of the 2019 Texas Football team and building the 2020 squad, a resolution of sorts.

But before we can accomplish any of that, we’re at the 2-minute warning. It’s the final days before ink goes to paper when the silly season begins. Every morsel of info, valid or invalid, gets parsed. So let’s recap where Texas stands with its final targets and see if the Horns can land a top 5-10 class.

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