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Special Thursday in the Humidor – Recruiting Big Picture

Shane Buechele. (Will Gallagher/IT)
Shane Buechele. (Will Gallagher/IT)

We discussed the push for NSD here, and dropped it late at night intentionally. It went over about as well as closing the bar an hour early. That post kind of had the feeling of shift change, with the B-team replacing the stalwarts. But like with beautiful women in this state, it’s a deep talent pool and if you play the game right, you’re going to end up faring quite well.

If you want to be exceedingly optimistic, we’re going to see Nash’s Equilibrium in play with some prospects. Rather than going head to head with Ohio State, LSU, Alabama, etc., we’ll see Texas try and take from OU, TCU, and others like them. It’s not ideal, especially to the hardcore recruiting fan who have been thirsting for a class with Baron Browning and Jeffrey Okudah, but UT will do just fine.

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