Spring 2020 Position Outlook: Offensive Line

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One of the most popular football clichés which still exists is “the game is won or lost in the trenches.” Football is a lot different from when that cliché was coined. Statements like this pair well with “establishing the run” and “imposing your will.”

With the advent of prolific passing offenses, offensive line play still remains a critical aspect of championship football, even if it doesn’t mean running with seven guys in four-point stances. For teams that want to move the ball down the field in chunks through the air, the offensive line has to be able to provide time for the play to develop.

Texas’ offensive line started strong last year, but performed terribly in the Red River Shootout. Things continued to slide, and November turned into a nightmare for the unit despite everyone remaining healthy for much of the year among the starters.

Returning three starters in Sam Cosmi, Junior Angilau, and Derek Kerstetter is a good place to begin for a line, quarterback, offense, and team with major expectations in 2020. Still, it takes five to play, and Tom Herman prefers to have 7-8 he feels comfortable playing in a game.

The left side, Cosmi and Angilau, is known. The remaining 4-5 spots will be determined whenever the pads come back on.

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