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Staff overhaul comes complete with positive narratives

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The most accurate narrative surrounding Texas football, that it’s a perennial underachiever, can’t be overcome until the team returns to the field this fall. The second most accurate negative narrative, Texas doesn’t put enough players in the NFL, lags winning and can’t be overcome until next Spring at the earliest.

There’s nothing Herman can do about those right now, but he did make many changes that will help overcome smaller stigmas that led to the larger ones.

When recruiting, you want to be on the offensive by pitching positives. Too often because of poor performance, Texas coaches have had to become defensive in order to refute negatives. The football pitch should be as easy to make as the tradition, school, and living in Austin pitches are, but that hasn’t consistently been the case for far too long.

Let’s look at some recent conventions that have harmed Texas and assess how they’re rapidly changing for the better.

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