Summer Notes

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A few summer notes after waking up this morning to the voice of Baker Mayfield coming from my truck radio…

Baker vs. Sam – Evidently some folks here in Austin are getting a little riled up over former Lake Travis quarterback Baker Mayfield the last few days. The current quarterback of the Cleveland Browns raised the burnt orange blood pressure recently by teaching some of the kids at his football camp held at Lake Travis to give the “horns down” symbol. Personally, I never had an issue with the horns down gesture, my football concerns usually revolve around the health of the offensive line of the team I root for and also the quality of officiating, which in the Big 12 is abysmal. Also, just because I try and be as understanding of my fellow man as possible, I appreciate the simplicity of the horns down gesture; it allows Sooners and Aggies to feel good about themselves without having to draw too deeply from their already-shallow reservoirs of intelligence. In addition to guiding young minds on the higher points of hand gesturing, the former Cav/Raider/Sooner fired off some zingers toward Sam Ehlinger, reminding those who were listening that Ehlinger’s Westlake High team couldn’t beat Lake Travis. Pretty sure I’ve never heard a current starting quarterback in the National Football League get salty about a college quarterback or a high school rivalry, but Baker is a different kind of dude.

David Hamilton’s Dilemma – Texas shortstop David Hamilton, who tore his Achilles prior to the baseball season, was drafted in the eighth round by the Milwaukee Brewers, and his predicted signing bonus offer is in the neighborhood of $162,000. If doctors are telling him his recovery will be full and he will still have all of the speed and defensive skills he had prior to the injury, then I’d advise him to stay at least one more season, bet on himself, and try and get drafted higher next year. If he feels uncertain about his health, then maybe the best thing for him to do is take the money and, ummm, run.

The Return of D’Onta – Speaking of Achilles, former Texas running back D’Onta Foreman seems poised for a full recovery from his tear that occurred in November of 2017. The Houston Texans in general – and fellow Houston running back Lamar Miller in particular – are hoping that Foreman can give some juice to a running game that needs to take some pressure off promising but battered young quarterback Deshaun Watson. Miller says Foreman is leaner and appears ready to fill the void left by the departure of Alfred Blue.

Character matters…lol – Perhaps the most shocking discovery to come from the New England Patriots accusing the Houston Texans of tampering is this: Robert Kraft’s team actually had someone on their team with the title of “Character Coach.” Not sure if this staff position was created before or after they spied on other team’s practices, deflated their balls or jammed the headsets of the Steelers.