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Sunday Recruiting Notes

It’s inching closer and closer, you guys. After all the anticipation, my return to drinking beer starts next Friday!!!! This is important to all of you because once this milestone reaches us, football is one day away. Recruiting notes are here today.
A couple of quick notes before I head out to spend some time with the lady. She knows she’s about to be a football widow, but I don’t think she totally minds.CHRIS WARREN’S TOP SIXTexas, Texas Tech, Oregon, Stanford, Iowa and Washington.I like this group for one reason; when you look at why each school stands out to CW3 you’ll notice it’s also a box Texas has checked. Texas Tech: Down to Earth staff where Chris and his family feels comfortable. Family, energetic atmosphere, etc.Oregon: They’re cutting edge in pretty much everything they do. They have the cache of cash and they use it by reinvesting into the program. Chris isn’t a bling type of guy but it’s not like any of this is a negative. Also, Oregon runs the ball much more than people realize. As an aside, a team trainer who checked Chris out said if he hadn’t known Chris tore his ACL prior he wouldn’t have been able to tell by the testing they put him through. Stanford: Warren and Mom loved David Shaw and of course the education will always stand out. Stanford is also dedicated to pounding the ball out of multiple formations. Washington: Petersen made in-roads with his ‘Built for Life’ spiel. He has done a great job of emphasizing life beyond football. Also, Warren’s mother, K’Tara Lopez, is from Seattle. His father also played a little football there. Iowa: This pick is based largely on relationship building through Hawkeye linebackers coach Levar Brown and head coach Kirk Ferentz. If Alabama had offered for real they would be here.What we know are the positive traits of Texas and Charlie Strong are largely represented above but no school really represents the full complement. Combating Tech: Chris and family already feel at home at Texas. When the ENTIRE staff assembles to wish Lopez happy birthday, much to her dismay, I’d say the two parties feel quite comfortable with each other. Combating Oregon: Like I said, Chris isn’t blingy so this battle likely comes down to how he’ll be used and how often. Everything we know of Strong to this point says he wants bigger, faster players. If Chris is anything, he’s big and fast. The Wickline scheme couldn’t be more suitable. The offensive identity Charlie Strong wants to instill couldn’t describe Chris any better.Combating Stanford: No P5 school can compete with Stanford in the classroom, but as far as traditional powers go, only Michigan and Notre Dame can compete with Texas in academics (am I missing another school?). Stanford does already have the identity Texas wants but while I think academics are important to Warren, I don’t think they’ll be the differentiator. Texas is Stanford-lite at this point but I think Warren believes in what Strong is building.Combating Washington: Strong has already been doing this the whole time, even if unintentionally. As Lopez talked about Petersen’s sell, it sounded like Charlie almost verbatim. A couple of qutoes:”He really is a well-rounded coach who appears to want to make well rounded, educated, cultural, solid, high achieving men out of his athletes.””They are going to do great things there regardless if CW goes there or not.””Overall I was really impressed with the program and the coaching staff’s support of all the components of the program.””He gave a great presentation about integrity, E+R=O and how “real men” are the foundations from his ‘Built for Life’…all presented to us in a suit and tie.””Event + Reaction = Outcome…learning to control the Reaction to give yourself the best outcome since most of the time you cannot control the event.”Petersen also has lofty goals for his athletes in the classroom – goals he’s met at Boise State and plans to meet at U-Dub. So this is basically the Charlie Strong sell, perhaps just a bit more ‘corporate-y’. But, Petersen being a good, decent man, I’m sure it comes across genuinely. The nuts and bolts of this, however, is exactly what Charlie Strong is selling.Also, Lopez has no interest in moving back to Seattle. They were just visiting family in Seattle and decided to be “nosy” by dropping in. They came away very impressed.LOUISIANA ATHLETE DEVIN WHITEI’m not sure if White comes from Springhill, Louisiana, or the Full-Grown-Man Department. 6-foot-1, 230 pounds of muscle and still only a junior, White has offers from LSU and Alabama (and also some others). Some schools like him at running back, including LSU/Bama, while others like him at linebacker including Nebraska and A&M.Texas prefers white at running back at this point and he actually worked out at Under the Lights. After arriving late he says he did very well and is surprised UT didn’t offer. White also says he has no problem leaving Louisiana to go to school. His father lives in DFW and he already feels at home in Texas. Springhill is Daingerfield’s latitudinal twin so he’s at the opposite end of the state from Baton Rouge. He’s early in Arkansas, actually. White has also camped at TCU and G-Patt likes him at linebacker. The consensus is split on where White should play, but not whether or not he can.HUNTER THEDFORDI caught up with the 2015 6-foot-7 Comanche tight end. He says Texas will be watching him closely this year. They told him they want to see how well he blocks. This is good news from his vantage point because presumably they think he can get out in his routes and catch the ball well enough. Texas should have seen all they needed to from his movement skills at camp.Thedford tells me he’s up to 230 pounds. If so, blocking won’t be a concern at all. This could be a Longhorn. I certainly liked him at camp.