The Alamo Bowl Win is SOC Worthy

The favorable matchup caveat notwithstanding, that was an excellent win. The spectrum of Tom Herman coaching performances has a Mo Bamba wingspan but that was up there with his best efforts. The interesting thing with Herman is the bowl prep is counter to the team’s week in, week out intensity during the season-long grind. I wonder if there’s anything to learn from that, anything at all.

Five Quick Thoughts: Things to remember from the Alamo

The conventional wisdom going into this game was that 11-2 Utah who always plays with a chip on their shoulders was going to pound disappointing, coordinator-less Texas in the Alamo Bowl. The problem with that wisdom was that Utah has feasted on teams that don't have the athleticism or skill of Texas and have been able to live between the tackles. Go watch them against Oregon or USC this year and you'll see something similar to the team that showed up in San Antonio.