Hager’s hard work, fit part of 2017 success, 2018 hope: Part II

In senior defensive lineman Breckyn Hager’s first four games of the 2017 season, he totaled just three tackles and one sack. Most of his snaps came on special teams or on third down, where his deficiencies in moving backwards off the line of scrimmage could be hidden. As a result, he found a perfect role for Hager, but there was work to be done by the former Westlake defender to succeed in that role.
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Inside the Gameplan: What makes Ehlinger special

Football is a violent game, and violent men often dominate its outcomes, but the quarterback is typically an exception. The modern game has become increasingly about finding QBs that can think quickly and rationally while chaos and bloodshed reigns all around them. For this position success is less about being effective at direct violence and more about being fearless in the face of it.