2020 Baylor Postmortem: Offense

The Texas offense decided to match their white throwback uniforms to a little throwback offense paired with an opportunistic downfield passing game. 12 personnel ruled the day and the Longhorn spent most of the game with two tight ends on the field ex-stablishing the run and then hitting Baylor over the top when they busted coverages. The early part of the contest featured what I can only term "Hurry Up Inside Zone" (including an outside zone run for 3 yards on 3rd and 6) which led to a couple of Longhorn punts. Texas diversified with Sam's legs and hit some downfield shots and then things opened up a bit.

Texas 27, Baylor 16: Longhorns show improvement where Herman wanted it most

Following Texas’ loss to Oklahoma, Longhorns head coach Tom Herman identified four specific problem areas he wanted to address before playing Baylor: rushing offense, rushing defense, red zone defense, and beating man coverage. In the Longhorns’ 27-16 win over the Bears, his team made progress not only in the areas he identified, but in other areas as well.

Gameplan: Competing lame ducks in Austin

Vegas’ opening line for the upcoming Baylor game was Texas -10.5. It has since moved to Texas -8.5, perhaps due to a complete collapse of faith in betting Longhorn fans that their head coach has any real control over the direction of the program. When the athletic director is meeting with the players and giving them clear expectations for what’s expected of them after games and it contrasts with public statements made by the head coach days prior, that’s a sign the head coach is essentially a lame duck.

Gameplan: The calm before the schedule storm

Back in the early 2000s Texas teams all followed a very similar pattern for the season. They’d lose to Oklahoma in October and drop one other game either in the non-conference or toward the end of the year that would invariably be the difference between having a Big 12 title/BCS season or not. The three-game stretch following the Oklahoma game could always be counted on to supply a three-game winning streak as the Longhorns adjusted to whatever deficiencies Bob Stoops had made apparent for them.