Gameplan: My 2020 preseason All-Big 12

It’s that time of year when the All-Big 12 preseason polls and teams are coming together across the league’s media. There are generally two major influencers on which players get selected: which players had obvious stats in 2019 and which players are getting talked up coming out of spring practices? Without a spring practice, there's going to be a lot more of the former than the latter reflected in the list this year.

Gameplan: Longhorns DC Chris Ash versus RPOs

Chris Ash is entering a brutal world taking on Big 12 offenses. The conference is a graveyard for defensive coaches that has laid low many a rising star who’d shown so much promise in stopping the run at previous stops. Coach after coach has fallen into the trap of thinking that the crucial point of conflict with these offenses is at the line of scrimmage only to see their schemes undone when former 3-star quarterbacks have repeatedly chucked it over their heads and dropped 40 points on the scoreboard.

Is the Big 12 better than we thought?

That's the question I'm wondering after absorbing as much football over the first three weeks as I could. I think certainly the floor and middle are stronger than many, myself included, expected. The ceiling will be decided by Texas and Oklahoma. Then maybe decided by Texas and Oklahoma again. But the the middle-tier programs may need to be expanded and the worst teams may prove better than we thought even if they finish where conventional wisdom expects them to.