Inside the Gameplan: Sophomore secondary

Texas’ big adjustment on defense in 2018 was somewhat unexpected. The 2017 season was defined by the formation of the “lightning package” and playing with six defensive backs moving around to create the “dirty dime” effect that often clouded both the Texas cornerbacks (bringing them into the run support) and the opposing QB’s reads as they tried to make sense of it all.

The Todd Orlando Translator & the 2019 Longhorn Defense

By: Scipio Tex Joe Cook covered Todd Orlando's comments at the recent Texas High School Football Coaches Association meeting and they were revealing about how he feels about his defense and how it will be deployed. They are also very useful for assuaging sporadic fits of board paranoia that our starting defense will be a virtual base 4-3 with BJ Foster sitting on the bench and McCulloch, Ossai and Adeoye manned up on slot receivers and running backs.
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Fridays in the Humidor – 11/2/17

This specific Texas team knows it owes TCU for the recent pasteings. This sounds like a pretty vengeful bunch, at least on defense. I don't know that Texas will win, but I feel confident TCU will know it's been in a fight. Recruiting tempered some over the course of the week. The OU momentum faded a bit, at least as it concerns Texas. Keondre Coubrn canceled his trip to Alabama, and some big official visits have been set up.