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Fridays from the State Fair – 10/5/18

What's the best way to get recruits to watch OU football? Give them tickets to a Texas game. This year is the Sooners' turn to host and there will be a few common targets in attendance. More important than who is at the game is the outcome. The virtuous circle of winning begetting elite recruits begetting winning would get a nice boost if Texas could pull out the win. If this team sticks to its profile of playing 'up' to its competition we should be in for a dandy 24 hours time.

UT Practice Report: 8/8/18

AUSTIN -- Wednesday brought full pads to the Wright Whitaker Fields, though unfortunately the pads weren’t truly popping until the media was escorted out. Upon arrival, the offensive line was working on one of the more unique drills I’ve seen covering Texas. Each OL had a rep individually bear crawling before rolling, and after that was completed the OL would jump on a simulated fumble from the hands of Herb Hand.

Hager’s hard work, fit part of 2017 success, 2018 hope: Part II

In senior defensive lineman Breckyn Hager’s first four games of the 2017 season, he totaled just three tackles and one sack. Most of his snaps came on special teams or on third down, where his deficiencies in moving backwards off the line of scrimmage could be hidden. As a result, he found a perfect role for Hager, but there was work to be done by the former Westlake defender to succeed in that role.

Hager motivated by ‘love’ entering senior season, PT. I

Senior defensive lineman Breckyn Hager struggled several times to answer questions during his more than 60 minute breakout session at Big 12 Media Days. He is a player known to speak his mind, but in that same mind he also knows what he says has consequences. Past reminders of mentions of Patrick Mahomes and West Virginia moonshine likely remain ingrained in his memory and pop up whenever he has to sit in front of the media.