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Inside the Gameplan: QB senior film

One of the craziest things about modern recruiting is the fact that it’s driven off early identification from sophomore and junior film but the results on the field are typically driven by seniors. Most young men are still learning and growing heading into their senior seasons, both in terms of their literal bodies as well as their skills and techniques. However, sheer athleticism stands out early and teams have to get out ahead on the elite talents to avoid missing the boat.
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The Inside Scoop – 6/19/17

As you could probably glean from the various mediums of social media, the pool party was a resounding event. Said one in attendance, "I don't know how a parent or player was there and doesn't think Texas isn't the place for them." This event was successful at recruiting whole families. We talk to some of the top recruits in attendance, a couple new offers, and keeping tabs on back-up plans for the UT staff in the Scoop.