Pondering the next Texas defense

Did you ever have to make up your mind? Say as to one and let the other one slide. There's that to deal with. Thinking back on Texas DC Todd Orlando's defense last year I don't get far before realizing the effect Poona Ford had on coach's game-planning and probably more important the particular play calls he could depend upon from week to week. Orlando definitely had to have the four man DL ready in case of a missing Poona dominance each week.

Omenihu flourishing after two years of growth, development

For his first two years on campus, junior Charles Omenihu was growing. He was growing into his role, going from playing fox linebacker as a freshman in Charlie Strong’s defense, to moving down to the defensive line as a sophomore. With those changes in position came changes in weight, and now Omenihu is a built, 275 pounder making the lives of opposing offensive linemen difficult along with his teammates Poona Ford and Chris Nelson.

Strong Stance and 2016

Now, how do you like Charlie Strong at Texas and his clear-cut stance forward the conduct of the Longhorn football players? Those parents who helped their son make the decision to attend the University of Texas have no doubts about what will be demanded of their son as far as his conduct while in Austin as a member of the Longhorn football team. If you haven’t noticed, many of the early magazines are already on the newsstands about College Football for 2016.

Inside the Gameplan: Can Texas stop the run?

On the other hand, if you have a DL that can win the point of attack and withstand double teams you buy time for speedy linebackers and safeties to check off their assignments and still arrive in time to make the tackle before the runner has picked up a major gain. Or, if you can get an extra guy in the box you can tip the scales back in your own favor. Generally you need both to really shut down one of the better Big 12 running games.

2016 Texas Spring Recap – Defense

We'll look at defense; the bread, butter, crust, and sesame seed of Charlie Strong's football existence. Last year the defense was more crouton than anything else; stale and too easily to crumble. This doesn't mean the defensive staff forgot how to bake or construct a winning recipe. As we heard throughout spring and witnessed in the scrimmage itself, Strong and Vance Bedford have elected to alter to a 4-2-5 rather than sticking with the 3-3-5 from the last two seasons.