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A look at some 2018’s on the Texas radar

You can't tell by the temperature outside, but Thanksgiving is nearly upon us. Perhaps a better indicator of that will be lines at the grocery store. They're the worst. Thanksgiving means being thankful another merciful offseason is upon us, which typically means belly laughing at the foibles of rival schools and recruiting at a higher level than the team plays.

Special Teams: The bad and the bright spot

One of the many criticisms Charlie Strong has faced during his tenure as head coach of the Longhorn football team is his perceived apathy to special teams. In his first year as coach at Texas, his instructions to Jaxon Shipley were to simply fair catch the ball. At times, he would catch the ball with several yards between him and the nearest defender. This was done out of an abundance of caution, just wanting to safely get his team the ball to set up the offense.

Inside the Gameplan: What’s next for Texas?

The West Virginia game was the perfect microcosm of the limitations of this Texas team. The Longhorns have the most athletic roster in the entire conference and they play hard every week. In some respects, such as the run game, they’re also highly skilled, but mostly it’s just a team of great athletes fighting like hell every week to get the win. When it comes to the finer points of winning football games such as situational play, fundamentals, or special teams, fielding a pack of untrained dogs doesn't cut it.

Glass Half-Full, Glass Half-Empty

AUSTIN -- Five losses isn’t good enough at The University of Texas. Charlie Strong said so two years ago. But five losses has generally become the ‘new normal’ for Longhorn football each season this decade, and that’s why the buzz surrounding Strong’s future centers on whether the program has shown ample progress in his third year. Problem is, ‘progress’ is like ‘beauty’: it’s in the eyes of the beholder. Depends on who you ask.

Coach V’s Grades: Texas-WVU

We had a very uneven performance on offense against WVU. We couldn't finish the deal--it's that simple. We kept shooting ourselves in the forward progress aspect of the game with penalties, turnovers, missed assignments, and clock mismanagement from the sideline. They just don't reward yardage gained and we damn sure didn't get the most points out of a 550 yards gained effort.

Culpepper: Texas at 5-4

This was not an easy win. Texas Tech was coming off an overtime victory over TCU in Fort Worth and the stadium was full of Red Raider fans. It was only two weeks ago that Tech QB Pat Mahomes and his receivers put up 59 points on Oklahoma before their home crowd. But Texas was ready that morning in Lubbock.
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Fridays in the Humidor – 11/11/16

We dive into team reports, injury news, and new starters heading into UT's battle with the No. 10 West Virginia Mountaineers. We also add a tidbit on potential staff changes this offseason, and go in-depth on the chances of a coaching carousel happening in college football starting next month. We finish with a portion of the Texas-WVU recruiting visitor list and notes on the early attendees. It's Friday, Humidor day.