Stars aligning for Strong and Texas

It's long been documented Charlie Strong has been a victim of his initial poor hiring decisions as well as an unexplainable run of bad luck. This offseason began with what appeared like more of the same with the initial embarrassment of the offensive coordinator search. In the end, Strong was able to hire his number two choice - Sterlin Gilbert - and after seeing an aggressive and exciting brand of offense in the spring game, as well has hope at the quarterback position, I don't know anyone who would trade Gilbert for the first choice.

The future is now

AUSTIN -- UT's freshmen may lack the across-the-board athleticism that its 2002 rookies parlayed into the 2005 national championship, but the class Charlie Strong inked in February will have more sudden-impact than any group since. These freshmen have already made their presence known – and not just by default.
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Merrick On Board

Occam's razor played out in the case of Texas and Dallas Cistercian Prep quarterback, Matthew Merrick. The fewest assumptions of why Merrick wasn't on campus yet, was, it wasn't known if he was the best quarterback option for Texas to bring in late to the class. The agreement the two parties made was that he would be a grayshirt offer and arrive in January of 2016 at which point he would be on scholarship.
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Stream of Consci__sness: Recruiting State of the Union Vol. 1

As we're beginning to learn with Charlie Strong's recruiting approach there's often a long lull in recruiting action. There's Junior Days, or this year, Junior Day. Then you may have some visitors who are already in Austin for track purposes like the Texas Relays and the state championships. After that is camp season where he's actually bringing in guys to evaluate rather than recruit. If the staff likes what they see, then the recruiting for that player begins.