Texas Media Days ’16

AUSTIN -- Texas Media Days marks one of the few occasions the media is able to meet with every member of the coach staff. All of the coaches were asked their opinion on the main storylines surrounding Texas football this season, including quarterback, the defensive line and the new offense. Joe will break down his time with the defensive coaches, while JW reports on the new offense.
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Attempting to corner the market

Recent developments at the cornerback position have me wanting to reset the conversation from the program on down to the class of 2018. Texas fans know who DBU is and don't need articles from the media to write it to affirm that belief. We know the crown isn't up for grabs on a yearly or even quadrennial basis. Hell, even when the product is poor on the field Texas is still putting defensive backs in the NFL at a better rate than most.

Inside the Gameplan: Strong gets staffing right

Probably the single biggest problem for the Charlie Strong era at Texas has been a lack of offensive identity to help guide the development and deployment of the team’s talent in a unified direction. Besides the lack of a strong passing QB to make things easy, a bigger issue has been a lack of staff unity and vision from the top. Without that, both choosing and developing talent as well as leveraging it becomes very difficult.
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The Inside Scoop – 5/6/16

The Texas coaching staff was back on the road again this week, covering TX, and hitting hotbeds like Louisiana and Florida. We also profile the most important position for UT's recruiting class in 2017 - wide receiver. After A&M's social media collapse, we look closer at players UT might pursue, plus Preston delivers four points on Texas hoops recruiting. As usual, the Scoop delivers on Friday.
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UT staff making recruiting rounds

The Longhorns coaches hit the ground running yesterday as Spring ball opened for many HS football programs in Texas. Jeff Traylor was in his native land East Texas. Brick Haley and Clay Jennings hit H-Town. Sterlin Gilbert was homeward bound out west. Charlie Williams met up in the Metroplex. Here's handful of notes and quotes from prospects the UT staff observed and put their eyes on.