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Johnson ready to ‘call in’ on and off the field for his senior season

Texas head coach Tom Herman constantly asks those in his program to go 1-0 in everything they do. Whether it’s an offseason workout, an in-season practice, a test, or a game, 1-0 is a non-negotiable program principle for members of his team. Senior WR Collin Johnson is a believer in 1-0. He’s a Longhorn though and through, just like the rest of the Johnson family. But Collin has his own small spin on 1-0 that he applies to his on field exploits and his off-field ventures.

Scouting the Longhorns at Media Days

One of the fascinating dimensions to Big 12 Media Days is seeing everyone in person, you're no longer beholden to roster tables but can see up close which teams have size and even physical confidence. I'll never forget showing up at Media Days for the first time in 2014 and noticing how Kansas State's player reps were thick but short, Iowa State's were similar, and the players that Oklahoma and Baylor brought were truly massive and towered over most everyone.

Inside the Gameplan: An historically unique offense

The 2019 Texas Longhorn offense is likely to be historically unique. The 2018 offense was fairly unique in its own right, they essentially ran a 21 personnel spread a year ago with Andrew Beck serving as a part-time fullback and occasional flex tight end while Lil’Jordan Humphrey was a nearly full-time flex tight end. Those two players defined the offense with their hybrid utilizations.