Stream of Consci__sness – 9/15/15

I don't care what anyone says, while the Rice game provided some frustrating moments, it was overall a fun game to attend. DKR was abuzz as Texas went up 21-0 and it pretty much exploded (as much as it can given current circumstances) when John Burt raced 69 yards to open up the 2nd half. We saw some talented players make talented plays, something we haven't seen enough of since 2009.
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Mondays in the Humidor with the Big Cigar

In this edition of Mondays in the Humidor with the Big Cigar we’ll keep it between the lines as we did last week despite swirling rumors that reside on the outlandish side of the fence. El Cohiba Grande has a pretty salty overview of the last week of practice and what to look forward to as we head down the stretch to opening day. While your 401k’s may be languishing, the outlook is bright for the 2015 Longhorns as we go inside the Humidor.

Inside the Gameplan: We have to talk Daje

Daje Johnson is maybe one of Longhorn fan’s least favorite topics. Every year he tantalizes with his talent and then amounts to virtually nothing on the football field. Off the field issues, basic academic eligibility not least of them, have played a large role in keeping him off the field. His hybrid skill set that doesn’t allow him to fit into every offense like some cookie-cutter receiver is another concern.