SB 1385, Texas’ name, image, and likeness bill, sent to Gov. Abbott for approval

A house-amended version of Senate Bill 1385 passed in the Texas Senate on Friday, with the bill now awaiting the signature of Governor Greg Abbott (R). Once Abbott puts pen to paper or allows 10 days to pass without a veto, Texas will become the 17th state to enact legislation enabling collegiate student-athletes to profit off their name, image, and likeness (NIL).
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Fridays from the State Fair – 10/5/18

What's the best way to get recruits to watch OU football? Give them tickets to a Texas game. This year is the Sooners' turn to host and there will be a few common targets in attendance. More important than who is at the game is the outcome. The virtuous circle of winning begetting elite recruits begetting winning would get a nice boost if Texas could pull out the win. If this team sticks to its profile of playing 'up' to its competition we should be in for a dandy 24 hours time.