NFL Draft Snapshot: Devin Duvernay

Prior to 2019, Devin Duvernay had not produced a season at Texas that lived up to his top 50 composite ranking. Texas worked hard to sign the track-star receiver and his brother Donovan in the wake of Art Briles’ dismissal from Baylor, but prior to Devin’s senior season that effort originally put forth by Charlie Strong had yet to bear fruit at Texas.

Duvernay’s long developing route finds pay dirt

Often when I begin a rankings list I'll mention schematic fit as something I account for. I'll say something like, I'm not going to let a kid's bad choice sink my evaluation. Or if they make a good decision, I'll happily ride those coattails. Often with the elite players fit doesn't matter as much, but I will account for how well a program has been developing talent. No fan base has learned this simple lesson harder or more resolutely than Texas: development really matters.

Inside the Gameplan: The Duve in the slot

One of the big storylines out of fall camp so far is the move of senior wideout Devin Duvernay from the outside “Z” receiver position to the slot “H” spot that was left vacant when Lil’Jordan Humphrey decided to leave school early for the NFL. Over the last few years, vacancies at the H spot have almost served as a reward position for whichever receiver has the best offseason. Other than the X receiver, who also enjoys closer proximity to the QB, the H is the next closest skill player to the QB and also tends to be matched up on nickels, safeties, and linebackers with divided attention.