2015 Spring Primer: Offense

Quarterback, quarterback, quarterback. How tired are you, as a fanbase, of discussing the same position season after season? I try not to write about it much because it's discussed ad nauseam, but yet again it's an important topic heading into spring. We'll discuss it, of course, but it isn't even the most important position grouping on that side of the ball.
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Mondays in the Humidor with the Big Cigar

In this edition of Mondays of the Humidor we spend most of our time recovering from a spring break without any football. We still have some bulleted information to tide you over before spring ball, but it’s not going to be the comprehensive information that you’re used to. On the basketball front, things seem to be getting heated as factions play point and counter point while Rick Barnes’ job hangs in the balance.
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Inside Scoop – 3/20/15

In this week's Inside Scoop, we look closer at a few elite offensive lineman in-state and see where Texas stands with each. The Horns look to be making a move on a sophomore DL and more. Not too much, football wise going on with it being Spring Break. That will change this week. We'll be picking up our team coverage since there will be more news and recruiting since many visitors are expected.
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2016 Position Rankings: DT

In the not too distant past, the defensive line play at Texas rivaled that of the secondary. Numerous names come to mind dating back to Casey Hampton and Shaun Rogers. Towards the end of Mack Brown's tenure, the quality and development of the position began to wane until Malcom Brown really started to flourish. Now, after solidifying himself as a 1st round draft pick, Brown is off the NFL.