News and Notes from the 40 Acres

Let me prematurely say Happy Thanksgiving. You're dead for a long time so don't spend the day in petty familial arguments. If you're like me you have some friends with empty chairs at the table this year. Enjoy your people while you have them and be enjoyable why they have you. That last bit is a tall order for some of you :) but do your best. More Strong, Herman, McFaven, LSU and Oregon jobs.

The Know Game: Texas Football

The old, 'what we know, what we think we know, and what we don't know' game. With some reports out there that are kind of reporting things that appear to be reportage, I figured I'd chime in. Admittedly this isn't going to be much different but I'll try and piece all the moving parts together with a bit more substance and you guys can super-sleuth it to come to your own conclusion as to what's going on.

Glass Half-Full, Glass Half-Empty

AUSTIN -- Five losses isn’t good enough at The University of Texas. Charlie Strong said so two years ago. But five losses has generally become the ‘new normal’ for Longhorn football each season this decade, and that’s why the buzz surrounding Strong’s future centers on whether the program has shown ample progress in his third year. Problem is, ‘progress’ is like ‘beauty’: it’s in the eyes of the beholder. Depends on who you ask.