Scipio Tex: Putting money away on the OL/DL

I’m in the middle of writing the 8th Annual Thinking Texas Football preview. Aside from the fact that I get to stare way too long at a computer screen for 12 hours a day, it affords me the opportunity to dig into the football program at the macro and micro levels in every conceivable way. It was during this process last year that I began to have some insights on Orlando and the positional staff that allowed me to be the early driver on That Dog Won’t Hunt bus once I saw how we were going to play our 2019 cards.
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Recruiting: A Byrd in Hand, Chips off the old Brock, Foster Home, etc.

As the cycle wears on, it’s looking more and more likely these five-star headlines are going to be replaced with three-stars like “That one kid committed to that one school flips to Texas” and “Texas holds off SMU, lands Bryxton Braxton IV.“ The IV is made up because Mom professes to hate trendy names. When asked why Dad’s name is Dan she spills wine on you to change the subject.