Inside the Gameplan: Building off the bye week

The bye week for Texas came at a great time. The injuries were piling up so a week to heal and drill down some special teams specifics were unquestionably valuable for this team. Texas was also lucky with how things fell into place for October. Next up is the road trip to West Virginia, who doesn’t have the high end talent nor the infrastructure of previous seasons, and then the Red River Shootout.

Inside the Gameplan: Gundy the fox

Mike Gundy is the one problem in the Big 12 that Tom Herman has yet to solve. In 2017 the Longhorns caught Oklahoma State with a surprise haymaker, unveiling the 3-2-6 “lightning” package as a base defense and combining it with Michael Dickson’s punting to shut down the Cowboy offense. However, the Texas offense came up with next to nothing and the ‘Horns went down 13-10 in overtime when a dazed Sam Ehlinger threw an interception into the end zone.

Inside the Gameplan: Orlando’s miscalculation

There’s no turning back from third-and-17. That was a decisive moment in history for Tom Herman’s time at Texas when it became clear that Todd Orlando is not “getting it” in the way that it appeared he did in 2017. The Longhorns had a fantastic chance on that down to play respectable defense, receive a punt, and then allow Sam Ehlinger to go win the football game against a worn down LSU defense. Instead he called that fateful zero blitz that played man coverage on all four wideouts while asking safety Chris Brown to hang shallow to play hot routes or the QB scramble.

Inside the Gameplan: An historically unique offense

The 2019 Texas Longhorn offense is likely to be historically unique. The 2018 offense was fairly unique in its own right, they essentially ran a 21 personnel spread a year ago with Andrew Beck serving as a part-time fullback and occasional flex tight end while Lil’Jordan Humphrey was a nearly full-time flex tight end. Those two players defined the offense with their hybrid utilizations.
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Inside the Gameplan: Five-star RB Shuffle

Running back evaluation is pretty tricky. It is for me at least, the driver of the Kyle Porter bandwagon. I believe Dana Holgorsen is about to steer us into a casino for a “pit stop” and that will likely be the end of our journey. The top prospects tend to have outstanding measurables in terms of 40 times or track times, but if you’re playing RB at all you’re probably a great athlete.

Inside the Gameplan: Orlando’s Playground

After Texas’ “gauntlet” stretch where they face TCU, K-State on the road, and then OU in Dallas without a break, comes a much more favorable stretch. They draw Baylor in Austin, a bye week, and then they face Oklahoma State on the road and West Virginia back in Austin. This is the obvious point on the schedule for Texas to rest and recuperate and for Todd Orlando to figure out what his best combinations of players and tactics are for handling Mike Gundy, Dana Holgorsen, and the back half of the schedule.

Inside the Gameplan: 2008 Red River Shootout

The 2008 Red River Shootout was the second of three consecutive I attended. It was easily the most exciting and rewarding live game I’ve attended in any sport. Because of the scarring that had resulted from five consecutive defeats to Bob Stoops’ Sooners, there wasn’t a ton of confidence going into any of these games even though Texas ended up finishing 3-1 against OU during the Colt McCoy era.

Inside the Gameplan: Defensive spring preview

While the offense has a lot of obvious work to do this spring in order to traverse the distance from “dreadful” to “capable of pulling their weight for a Big 12 champion,” the defense actually has quite a bit of work to do as well. The main difference is that we already know who the main playmakers are, how they’ll be utilized, and that the coaching staff can be effective at putting it all together.