Inside the Gameplan: It’s time to take the spread to the Big 12

Texas’ inherent advantage against downhill, ball control teams bore out again in their 27-24 victory over Kansas State. As skilled and multiple as the Wildcat senior OL and run game may be, Texas had them beat in the trenches with their superior DL play. K-State’s attempts to run power from multiple formations then use that to create play-action fell flat because they couldn’t control the box with their base schemes.

Scipio Tex: Iowa State Preview

Iowa State might be the best 5-4 football team in the country. They've lost 4 games by a total of 11 points. They average 6.9 yards per play on offense and surrender only 5.2 yards per play on defense. For comparison's sake, that +1.7 yards per play differential contrasts tellingly to 6-3 Texas at -0.1. For the record, undefeated LSU is at +2.5.