Clay Mack on Jefferson, Elliott, Hall, Cook

Dallas-area trainer Clay Mack has worked with some big names, preparing them for the NFL Combine, pro-day, and in the offseason. Some of his professional clients include the Jets’ Jamal Adams, the Eagles’ Jalen Mills, and the Saints’ Marshon Lattimore. In addition, he works with plenty of high school athletes helping improve their skills, agility, and technique.
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Inside the Gameplan: QBs on Defense

For most teams in the Big 12 the safety position is one of the most difficult to get right. Modern offenses are designed to get after them with the passing game and then go wild with the running game when they’re forced to back off and play prevent. With the styles of quarters-coverage common across the league, safeties that can cover a lot of range on the back end and stay on top of vertical routes while still offering the ability to come up and have a presence against the run game come at a premium.